The Advisors

Eric & Rebekah Mindrebo

Eric and Rebekah Mindrebo are the leaders of the The Blend at Bethlehem Church located in Randolph, NJ. The Blend was a group first created by leaders from Miriam's Heart in 2008, primarily to serve families from Zarephath Christian Church. Almost immediately we realized that many families were coming from area churches. Seeing the need to expand our partnership to other area churches, Eric and Rebekah  developed The Blend @ Bethlehem which began as a ministry of Bethlehem Church in Randolph, NJ in the fall of 2015. This group currently meets semi-monthly as a time for families to come together and support each other. The group has grown from just a few families to 10 to 12 families. Starting this fall Bethlehem Church will be offering an "Empowered to Connect" class and hope to begin offering more opportunities for families to be better prepared and supported for the challenges they face. Eric and Rebekah and their precious children live in New Jersey. Licensed foster parents themselves, Eric and Rebecca are avid Eagles fans who love spending time in their backyard with their precious kiddos or with family in Canada! Eric and Rebekah lead by example in their deep love for the Lord and their commitment to heal and connect with children and families. 


Bob and Alicia Terhune

Bob and Alicia Terhune are more than part of the panel of area church advisors; they are quite literally family. Brother to Miriam's Heart co-founder, Elizabeth Occhipinti, Bob Terhune is an engineer by day and super-hero-dad by night. His wife Alicia, a super-hero in her own right mothers three busy boys, writes blogs and encourages moms and dads to consider God's heart toward children, His grace and forgiveness. Both serving passionately to aid women in need of guidance due to an unplanned pregnancy and advocating on behalf of children in need of families, Bob and Alicia have taken many steps to live out the Biblical mandate to look after those in need, defend the oppressed and offer aid in distress. Alicia holds a Master's Degree in Human Services with a focus on Family and Marriage and a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Communication from Grove City College. Her desire to share from the depths of her heart and reveal God's hand in their adoption of their young son; her brokenness, and her pursuit of God's calling on her family to adopt despite medical challenges and special needs. 


Lisa Dolye

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Kate DeAndrea

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The Church Advisory Panel

The Church Advisory Panel develops action items for Miriam’s Heart leaders and ministry advisors to aid families, collaborates to steward resources of people, profesionals, services, funds; and provides support to area churches. They also make recommendations as to the current needs facing their churches with regard to adoption, foster care and global initiatives

The Church Advisory Panel establishes and creates church-based ministry and/or supports the work of their home church with regard to family preservation, adoption and foster care (and all other initiatives relating to supporting families, developing ministries and advocating for vulnerable children. They also plan, coordinates and collaborates on regional events assists in outreach opportunities for other churches. This panel helps mentor families and develop ministries in churches in the Northeast makes recommendations as to the current needs facing their churches with regard to adoption, foster care and global initiatives


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