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While there are many fine companies, organizations and agencies, we do NOT endorse any specific companies, their affiliations or beliefs.  This listing is for informational purposes only.

Adoption Information

The purpose of this site is to allow the free exchange of ideas regarding adoption and families. For this reason the site has been implemented as a wiki; users can freely add and edit content throughout this site until the community comes to a consensus on the meaning of a given topic. This site is primarily about the topics of Adoption, Fostering, Parenting, Pregnancy, etc. (as seen on

Adoption Learning Partners(as seen on

Online training courses to prepare families for adoption, adoptive parenting courses, and CEU training for professionals on adoption

Adoption Journey

Are you considering adoption but still unsure if it is a good fit for your family? If so, we understand. Allow us to guide you through the process of considering adoption. This website also allows you to share your adoption journey, post to your own profile and network with other families who have walked the same (or similar) road!


AdoptUSKids is supported through a cooperative agreement between the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children & Families, the US Department of Health & Human Services, and the Adoption Exchange Association.  It contains a photo listing of children in the foster care system throughout the United States and provides a searchable database.

Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Intercountry Adoption Process is detailed along with information pertaining to International Adoption; listed by Country.

Christian Alliance for Orphans

Christian Alliance for Orphans is an organization, which seeks to provide local churches and orphan advocates with ready access to the best resources, experts and organizational partners.  In 2010, the Alliance Church Orphan Ministry Initiative (COMI) was created to spearhead these efforts, helping to stimulate and grow effective orphan ministry in the local church.  

Cry of the Orphan

Cry of the Orphan is a collaboration between Focus on the Family, Hope for Orphans (a ministry of FamilyLife), and Show Hope.

Empowered To Connect

Empowered To Connect provides a study guide and other adoption and foster care resources by Dr. Karyn Purvis and others.

Focus on the Family - Adoption

Focus on the Family (adoption) provides a large number of resources, audio recordings, books, sermons and articles on many topics pertaining to adoption, orphans, and the church.

Hope for Orphans

Hope for Orphans is a ministry of Family Life providing resources to churches and families to get them engaged in the plight of orphans worldwide.

New Jersey Adoption Resource Clearing House
 The one-stop resource for those touched by adoption


Show Hope

Show Hope (formerly Shaohannah’s Hope) is Steven Curtis Chapman’s ministry aimed at creating a movement within the church to take action on behalf of orphans.