These resources were compiled during our time studying at Texas Christian University. Parents are encouraged to seek professional assistance when gathering information, tools and resources to aid their children. This list is not meant to diagnose or treat, but rather is a tool for parents and professionals to provide support for the children in their care. 


Empowered To Connect (**

DVDs produced by the TCU Institute of Child Development (**

Attachment: Why It Matters (2012), DVD produced by the Institute of Child Development*

Empowered to Connect Conferences (

Weighted Blankets (

Weighted Blankets (

Adult Attachment Interview (email us at and we will connect you with TCU-ICD)

Body Sox ( 

Various sensory, calming, fidgets, regulation tools and more! (

Tangles (fidgets) ( 

Stress Balls

Sensory Integration ( 

Neuro Science (Neurorelief. com) 


*Empowered to Connect Parent Training Course Requirement

**Recommended for Empowered to Connect Parent Training Course