Who We Are

Miriam's Heart is completely volunteer funded and volunteer led.  To learn more about our vision and purpose in ministry, click here.  To hear more about how to support our work in the northeast visit the support page. Finally, if you are interested in joining the churches in the northeast who are colaborating to create a coalition of churches who take action on behalf of orphaned and abandoned children, learn more here. 

What We Do

Mentoring, Support and a sense of community for themselves and their children

o   We have assisted in 19 children being adopted;

o   We have mentored 67 families since 2015 to consider adoption/foster parenting

o   We average 40 people at two separate Blend gatherings (a gathering for adoptive and foster families)

o   We have hosted approximately 350 people at our Adoption & Foster 101 events

o   We have had 1694 people attend (purchase tickets for)  our Into His Fields Concert

o   We have had over 1200 people attend our Somerset Patriots Family Fun Night

Grants to offset adoption and counseling costs

o   We have awarded 15 families matching grants

o   We have disbursed $24,500.00 in grants for adoption and counseling costs

o   We have mobilized $45,705.70 in matching funds for families

Education and training

o   We have trained 20 families with the highly sought after Empowered to Connect 9-Week training module

o   We offer training through the Empowered to Connect 2 day simulcast

o   We offer access to professionals, therapists and counselors

Trauma-informed care/healing

o   We invested in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) training for 2 team members and Train the Trainer for our leadership team

o   We have advocated for Train the Trainer to come to the Northeast and helped to train 3 more couples in our area

Access to our network

o   We have assisted in 38 child/family specific situations and have connected families to our network of support

o   We have assisted in 6 unplanned pregnancy situations

o   We offer access to and encourage the participation of adult adoptees and birth (first) families

Ministry Development

o   We have worked with and partner with over 30 churches

o   We have helped to support or develop the creation of 10 church-based ministries



How We Do It