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Who We Are

Miriam's Heart is completely volunteer funded and volunteer led.  To learn more about our vision and purpose in ministry, click here.  To hear more about how to support our work in the northeast visit the support page. Finally, if you are interested in joining the churches in the northeast who are colaborating to create a coalition of churches who take action on behalf of orphaned and abandoned children, learn more here. 

What We Do

Miriam's Heart desires to create a culture of adoption within the Church.  We do this both locally at our home church, Zarephath Christian Church and also help to develop a culture of adoption within area churches.  A culture of adoption is a culture that celebrates and supports the spirit of adoption, foster care and all aspects of orphan care. We believe that this culture develops organically from within the Church through the pillars of our ministry. 

Miriam's Heart was established at Zarephath Christian Church and serves as both a local ministry to our church family and an outreach ministry (Miriam’s Heart, Inc) to area churches. 

How We Do It