Two years ago we attended two adoption conferences- Miriam's Heart and the OrphanCare Expo. The idea of adopting was stirring in our hearts and we were searching for God's will for our family. We were completely broken at both conferences-humbled by the awesome speakers, volunteers, and adoptive families we met, encouraged by the awesome support of our church and family, and spurred on by the Holy Spirit to do something...My heart is a weepy mess as I step back and look at the amazing journey of the last two years and I just feel compelled to tell everyone that I know: if you attended the expo yesterday and adoption, foster care, or some type of ministry is weighing on your hearts today-don't ignore it! God has big and awesome things in store for us all and you do not want to miss what He has for you. It's better than any plan you could make on your own. Honestly, this road has been hard, and messy, and tiring, but every second has been sprinkled with great joy and love and redemption-and the blanket of peace that only comes from being carried by the One who started it all. We would love to talk candidly with anyone interested in getting involved in some capacity. 

- Alicia Terhune Pittsburgh, PA

Miriam's Heart has been hugely beneficial to us as a church in helping us learn 'How do you build a culture that cares about the orphan'?

-- Scott Millard, Bethlehem Church

Miriam’s Heart was the catalyst that brought our boys home.  Miriam’s Heart gave us the courage, tools and support to take a leap of faith.  Without their guidance my husband and I would have easily lost our way.  They provided priceless first hand knowledge and educational resources.  It was through Miriam’s Heart that my husband and I felt equip to adopt two older boys.  Because of their support, we eagerly share our story and take every opportunity to advocate for older kids. Miriam's Heart has been instrumental during both of our adoptions. Them came along side us and provided the emotional support and resources needed to help us prepare ourself for our boys. Years and months after our boys came home - they continue to be there for us. I couldn't image going through our adoption without Miriam's Heart. They are my life line!!

-- Juana Canna, Adoptive Mom

Hey Northeast... something awesome is going on! If you have a heart for adoption or foster care or if you have adopted or fostered a child... Hurry and go like Miriam's Heart, Inc. .... they are an awesome resource... If your church doesn't already have an adoption ministry... they can help with that too! Please help spread the word and share this with your friends and Pastors. -- Stephani Ringeisen

Miriam's Heart means more to me than I can express in words. It is led by an amazing group of men and women who volunteer their time and efforts to support families and raise awareness about family preservation, orphan care, adoption and foster care. Miriam's Heart has supported my own family's journey, educated me to have right thinking about orphan care and given me an opportunity to actually do something for what breaks my heart. -- Amanda Mancusi, Adoptive & Foster Mom

I don't just 'like' this ministry, I LOVE it! We wouldn't be on this adoption journey if it weren't for Miriam's Heart!-- 2015 Adoptive Family

The words, thank you, cannot express the gratitude we have for your matching grant gift.  When we started the adoption process a year ago, we knew God was leading us to do this, but we still doubted how we could come up with $42,000!  It has been so beautiful seeing how God provides time and time again for our family.  Thank you for partnering with us on our journey.  We live in Pennsylvania and when we get to bring our little boy home, we would love to bring our family to visit your church.  Thank you again!--2014 Grant Recipient

Praise our Glorious Lord! He is so WORTHY to be praised and adored!

How my heart is rejoicing for the way the Lord showed up and made Himself and His purposes known in such a mighty way for the orphans and widows, near and far.  My heart could hardly contain all that I heard and saw yesterday. What a great blessing! The 2 of us from NDC who were with you shared in Sunday School this morning some of the great and mighty things that the Holy Spirit is doing in this Christ-exalting ministry.

When you began sharing on "The Broken Advocate" and pointed to those men and women of faith in those Scriptures who left their brokenness as a legacy to all of us, I could barely contain myself.  The Word of God actually came alive with such a forceful dynamic that I think everyone's heart was blessed to overflowing. All of a sudden the room was too small to contain the Glory of God that was being displayed and demonstrated thru those powerful Scriptures. Your commentary was so poignant that it just penetrated to the depths of my inner man in a way  that had not been touched in many a day. That truly was experiencing God.

So, I join all of you in thanking and praising the Lord, first of all.  Secondly, I extend my grateful heart to both of  you for your heartfelt servant-leadership and also for the labors of love by your team and guests, especially the panelists and host. Praise the Lord!--Lillian Clark, New Durham Chapel

Having done the research, met with lovely adoptive families such as yourself and a whole lot of prayer helped to solidify early on that we were meant to be on this journey.  That gave us the confidence to know that this was the journey God had for us.  Just having that faith that this is where God wanted us regardless of what we’ve faced through this, we know this is where and what we should be doing.  I think that is the most important component for us.  It’s okay for us to face trials knowing that we’re on the path God has for us.  Boy aren’t we grateful for that confidence in our faith walk because after [our daughter] died, I don’t know if I could have pressed on had we not had that confidence in God’s placement for us.  I think there have been God winks along the way for me in the paper chase of the dossier that helped me know God was walking with us. 

The other component that has been absolutely crucial is having like-minded friends who have done this adoption journey or who have a heart for the orphan.  Being with a group of believers who encourage us and help us has been a necessity because there are always the naysayers that are in the family that make us want to second guess...having access to support within the adoption community is so important. --Allison, Adoptive Mom on adopting and support received from Miriam's Heart 

"It was our pleasure being a part of this great event; a tremendous THANK YOU for the invitation. We here at Harvest of Hope Family Services Network, Inc. are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Miriam’s Heart and the Zarephath’s Ministry in creating solutions for God’s most precious creation, children who are in need of alternate care."--Maureen E. Archibald, MSW, LSW

"I just wanted to let you know how fabulous and inspiring the conference was yesterday!  Thank you for your hard work and I trust that many others learned and were encouraged by the information that was presented."--Karen, Children's Ministry Overseer on The Miriam's Heart Regional Conference

"Thank you so much for all you're doing and for the information you provided me with.  I'm going to contact [Adoption Agency] and hopefully get things started.  Although the costs are high, she seems to be willing to try to work with me so things can go as smoothly as possibly which is very comforting.  I will keep in touch.  Thanks again and God bless you!!"--Annonymous from NJ

"Thank you for having such an informative and inspiring gathering. God has placed in on my and [my husband's] heart to adopt; however, we would not have pursued it so soon as the system is overwhelming. We would have probably procrastinated  for years, but it's great to know we have a support system for it and be around others who have gone through it."--Melissa C. from ZCC

"Sometimes in hearing someone else's story, we find similarity with our own.  We see our search and/or struggle reflected in the path of the other.  While the circumstances are probably different, the questions, the doubts, the answers may be the same.The experiences and or struggles of others can help shed light and clarity on our own experience.   They openthe door to our own reflection, and sometimes lead us to our own answers.  The young woman who spoke to the church this past Saturday on the Foster Care system and caring for our children hit home for me.  I could relate to this struggle; as a child raised in an orphanage and later placed in foster care.  I am [hopeful] that all members who are able to help will open their hearts and homes to save our children."--Mary B from ZCC
I would love to share our story.  We couldn't have done it without you and all the wonderful people at Miriam's Heart and Lifesong. 

Also, I have been wanting to reach out with a letter to everyone letting them know how much we appreciate ALL that Miriam's Heart has done, but my momnesia is at an all time high and I get lost in my emotions when I think about God's hand in bringing us together as a family.

We truly appreciate every kind word, words of encouragement, financial support, spiritual support, connecting us with Allison and Russ, the ETC conferences, your warmth and knowledge and your realism of life as a mom with children from "hard places".  Your honesty and openness always touches my heart and reminds me that I am not alone.  So thank you and the wonderful staff at MH.  We are forever grateful for the work you do and your multitude of blessings. With a Grateful Heart,
-- Sheri Glorioso